Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Journey

With this being the inaugural post I may as well introduce myself and my distinctive, if not avant garde form of cooking and baking. I'm a complete mess in the kitchen, dirtying every bowl and dusting every surface with powdered sugar in my wake. I've been known to make some amazing mistakes with my flavor choices, and I'm  particularly fond of adding a little, (okay, a lot) of alcohol/liquor to my treats. It enhances the flavor, if I do say so myself! This blog may predominantly be centered around my adoration for cupcakes and their sweet simplicity, but I may stray into the experimental cooking side of my varied skills. But have no fear the "sauced sweets" are the star and will always make a triumphant return. With summer fast approaching and numerous events and parties to be had, I figured this would be the ideal time to share my culinary adventures with you. So, be prepared for a wild ride through my crazy world of sweets and treats!

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