Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Journey Continues...

My attempt to post three different recipes for this month has been foiled by my inevitable future, the grown up world beckons and I have answered the call. Well, I got to leave them a detailed message anyway...as I wait patiently for my dream job to find me. This leads me to a new culinary adventure in a city where whole vanilla beans are plentiful and an international vibe is sure to influence me further. I'm both saddened and elated at my new venture and the prospect of thoroughly destroying my very own kitchen is overwhelmingly tempting. So, in response to the relocation, new temp job, and the general chaos associated with any move; next month's post may be short and simple (if I find the time for it at all). But rest assured that I will be back with a baking vengeance, beaters at the ready and powdered sugar to be spared!

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